Back in March I posted pictures of the new baby rhino born at Paignton Zoo. Last weekend we went back to the zoo and got some more pictures. At 7 months old the calf is now a miniature replica of it’s mum. Looking at the first picture below, is this the calf or the adult?

It’s the calf and you can see how much it’s grown from the second picture which shows mother and calf together.

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Single image tone mapping

I’ve been playing with the trial version of Dynamic-Photo HDR as I often like the look of other peoples HDR images. As I haven’t yet got a series of bracketed exposures to try it on I thought I’d give the tone mapping a try on a single image. I picked one I recently took from Padstow with a fairly dramatic sky which seems to be the type of image that can benefit from the HDR treatment.

It only took a few minutes tweaking a few sliders to get what I think is a fairly pleasing and dramatic result. The saved file was very noisy but a quick run through Neat Image soon sorted that out.

Here’s the finished image with the original shown below. What do think?

The original.

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If you want the chance to take some pictures of Little Egrets in Cornwall then make a visit to Padstow on the river Camel estuary. This picture was taken from the roadway where the Camel Trail cycle way starts. If I’d had more time it would have been easy to get much closer and get a decent backdrop but it was a case of get a quick shot and move on.

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Nothing spectacular about these photos but I just like them :). Both were shot with a Tamron 18-250mm on a Samsung GX10.

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Don’t get me wrong I love using my DSLR (Samsung GX-10) but there are times when it’s not the right tool for the job. We recently went on a family holiday to Majorca which consisted of lots of trips to the beach and time round the hotel pool. I had the DSLR with me but I found I hardly used it 😦

The main reason being that I didn’t feel safe leaving it lying on the beach while we swam in the sea or played around. It’s just to big to easily conceal and is worth to much to risk someone making off with it.

So what’s the answer? I think I need a decent point and shoot I can use for these types of occasions – the new Canon G9 would do just fine! All I need to do is convince the wife that after spending close to £1000 on the DSLR and lenses that I now need another camera 🙂

Where’s that Christmas list…

This is the RNLI’s Spirit of Padstow lifeboat leaving Padstow harbour into the Camel estuary. You can read all about it, view webcams, and see more pictures of the lifeboat and their futuristic looking lifeboat station on their web site at http://www.padstow-lifeboat.org.uk/2006/SpiritofPadstowOS.htm.

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Yes I know he’s a famous chef and the fish and chips from his Padstow ‘chippy’ are really, really good, but would you stand at the end of this queue to buy them? This was the queue at 6:30 pm last Sunday. Do people actually think he’s in there cooking them himself! We walked into another chip shop in the town, got served immediately, and the food was great.