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If you use Lightroom and Zenfolio you’ll want to check out this post – “Lightroom 1.3 & Export Plugins for SmugMug and Zenfolio” – on Jeffrey Friedl’s blog. He’s written a plugin for Lightroom that will allow you to upload images directly to Zenfolio.

Of course if you haven’t got a Zenfolio account you can get a $5 dollar discount if you sign up with my referral code – NFF-NSE-63Z – 🙂

Update: The download page for the Zenfolio plugin is here.


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It doesn’t seem a year since I signed up with the photo hosting site Zenfolio but I’ve just had my renewal notice. I originally signed up for the basic 1GB package for $25 per year and the service has been excellent. That’s dirt cheap, about £13 a year with the strength of the UK pound against the dollar. 1GB has been plenty for me but the unlimited option is only $40 a year.

Now the best bit. The renewal hasn’t cost me a penny as I’ve accumulated credit through the Zenfolio referral program. Anyone who uses my referral code to open an account gets a $5 dollar discount and I get a $5 credit. So I’ve just used $25 of my credit and I get an additional 1GB of space for the coming year.

You can try the service out free for 14 days and unlike some other sites you don’t need to give up your credit card details unless you decide to stay. If you want to see an example gallery just click on any of the photos on this blog as they’re all hosted there.

Of course if you decide to sign up you could always use my referral code – NFF-NSE-63Z – and help get started towards another free year 🙂

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Hot on the heels of the Zenfolio API they have just announced some more new features. The full list can be found in the Release Notes but the things that interest me are:

  • You can now search an individual photographer’s photos in addition to all of Zenfolio.
  • There are RSS feeds for individual photographer’s Galleries, Recently Added and Featured Items – great for bloggers.
  • Formatted HTML captions for pictures can now include links.


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It’s finally here. You can now order prints directly from within Zenfolio. Looks good for US and Canadian users but the postage costs for us in the UK means I’ll be staying with Photobox for a while longer. However, from the Zenfolio announcement it looks like other countries will be added soon plus the option to sell prints.

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My Zenfolio experience is just getting better and better. I’m glad I didn’t hit the upgrade button right away during my trial period as they have just sent me a $10 discount coupon! I’ve now upgraded to the basic 1GB storage per year package and it’s only cost me $15 dollar. It’s great value.

You can see my gallery here.

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Zenfolio rocks!

I posted a few days ago that I couldn’t find a photo gallery solution that fitted my needs, especially regarding password protection. Well I looked again at the hosting services and found lots that provide what I need. In the end it came down to a choice between Smugmug and Zenfolio. As it turns out I’ll probably never know whether Smugmug would be better because an hour after signing up for the Zenfolio trial I was hooked. The display is gorgeous, the upload is slick and easy, and it’s so easy to configure.

Now if I’d used SmugMug first I may have thought the same about that but there was something that made me go with Zenfolio first? You don’t have to part with your credit card details just to try it out! I don’t know why but I just don’t like the hassle to having to sign-up, give your credit details, and then have to cancel, just to try out a service. So sorry SmugMug; your system may beat Zenfolio hands down but I tried them first.

Should anyone be interested my gallery can be found at www.plucky.zenfolio.com. There’s not much there yet as I need to do some serious uploading.

Should anyone like to open a Zenfolio account feel free to use my referral code – NFF-NSE-63Z – which will give you $5 off the price and also credit my account with $5 🙂

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