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Google has lost me again!

Seems like my blog has disappeared from google again! Since this happened the first time (see here) I regularly check to see if my pages appear in google by doing a search for “site:luckhurst.wordpress.com”. Yesterday this returned all my posts but today it’s down to 3 pages. This would explain why I’m getting no search hits showing up in my blog stats 😦

Last time I though it was because the privacy option on my blog had got changed but I have checked this and it is still set to the correct value. Hopefully if I keep posting this will sort itself out but it’s a bit disappointing as I was getting a regular (albeit low) number of hits a day.

Update: 2 days later and we’re back in business! Google search has all my pages back again – weird.


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I wondered why the hits on my blog entries has dried up (I didn’t get many but I’ve only just started) and now I know. All the entries that were appearing in a google search are no longer there :(. In fact it knows nothing of my site at all; a search of site:luckhurst.wordpress.com returns nothing.

I’m not sure what’s caused this but I feel it has something to do with the Privacy setting on my blog. About a week ago I noticed that a couple of posts were not showing up in the WordPress tags listing. On checking the Privacy setting it was no longer set to appear in search engines, wordpress listings, etc. I have no idea how this got changed but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. I have since changed it back so hopefully my posts will get added to google again?

Has anyone else experienced this same problem and if so is everything working correctly again now?

UPDATE:  Seems like Google is now finding me again. It must have been due to the change in my Privacy setting. I still have no idea how it got changed (bug perhaps?) but I’ll be checking it regularly now.

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