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Having used the GX-10 for a few weeks I have have decided that Aperture Priority (Av) is going to be my most used mode. With the v1.11 firmware or later and making use of the front and rear e-dials it is incredibly easy to get the combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO that you want.

I have the rear e-dial set to change aperture and the auto ISO set to 100 to 800. As you change the aperture the shutter speed and ISO automatically change to give the correct exposure. What’s so cool about that I hear you cry, most cameras do that? The cool bit is that I also have the front e-dial set to allow the ISO to be changed manually. If the auto ISO setting would result in a slower shutter speed than I want I just turn the front e-dial and the ISO comes out of auto mode and can be set manually. So if the auto gave me ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 1/125 but I want a shutter speed of 1/250 I just move the front e-dial one click to ISO 200 and it’s done – brilliant.

The combination of the two e-dials makes this so quick and easy without having to move the camera from your eye. Once you have finished with the manual ISO setting you just press the green button next to the shutter release button and it goes back to auto ISO mode.


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Time for another Hungarian Vizsla picture. One of these I posted previously comes out on the first page in a Google Image search so we’ll see what happens with this one!

Hugarian Vizsla

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